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Can Mediation Help Us Co-Parent?

Mediation is designed to help parents work together throughout the divorce, and in turn facilitate better communication and working relationships afterwards to promote continued peaceful relations for the sake of the child/children and even extended family.

In order to co-parent successfully, divorcing parents need boundaries, too. The general rule is what happens in one parent’s household, stays in that parent’s household. This simply means that aside from criminal activity like abuse, neglect, child endangerment, etc., each can parent their child on their own terms and during their parenting time.

While good communications are essential to co-parenting and it’s helpful to keep your child’s wishes in the forefront, it very much matters that divorcing parents have separate parenting styles, and the courts usually uphold this difference unless the child is in jeopardy. What a parent opts to do with their child during their parenting time is their choice.

If, however, the parents opt to work together for a unified co-parenting approach, they may share items of interest that occur in their respective homes so that their child has some uniform standards he/she can expect from each parent regardless of which home they are visiting at that particular time.

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